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So, I have fallen in love with the photos in the State Library of New South Wales Flickr account. Currently I am engrossed with putting a modern twist on them with doodles and designs.

The photo above was particularly stunning to me. Mrs. Wing Fang is in Sydney on what appears to be the deck of a ship. The image was taken in 1935.

I love everything about it. Mrs. Wing Fang’s  wardrobe is pristine, complete with sweet rosette of flowers clipped to her lapel. Her lips are bemused, her cheeks hint at a smile. Her gaze is straightforward, and she seems 100 % confident in herself. Oh, how I would love to know her story! Where her journey is taking (or has just taken) her, who is snapping the photograph (friend or partner or stranger), and what her occupation is. {Surely she’s an actress, though. Doesn’t she have such a glamorous look about her, especially with that fur collar?}

Occasionally I see a face in an old photograph that seems as though it belongs to someone who could be alive now. They seem to lack the patina or characteristic look of their historical era, and I am struck by how timeless humanity is.

If we didn’t have all of the technological gadgets and modern conveniences that characterize our lives, we would still be largely the same. We would have the same emotions, needs, tendencies, gifts, and many of the same challenges, although perhaps amplified or on another scale. The historical era may affect the flavor of humanity we are, but we are still priceless human beings who can do brave things, like travel across an ocean before commercial aviation was the norm (I would need a bit of bravery for that!).

The Internet makes learning the history of these people much easier than ever. Maybe I’ll have to do a little research and see what clues I can discover about her. In the mean time, remember your worth and be your own kind of fabulous!

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