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Hello, there!

Me, at the Utah State capitol {one of my favorite, spots}

I have a few posts up, and I figured I need to introduce myself and this blog.

My name is Elizabeth Pinborough. I am a bookish child of the 80s who is always on some sort of creative quest. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English I joined the ranks of Garrison Keillor’s fictional society P.O.E.M. {professional organization of English majors}. Being the journeying idealist I am, I headed off to graduate school, where I studied more literature, and religion.

The past five years since then have felt like traveling a wandering path through the wilderness. The challenge of finding a workable combination of creativity and career has been real. These years have given me great gifts of experience and {I hope} wisdom, however. I have not only worked on some fulfilling professional projects {like writing historical essays for this website}, but some personal ones {like creating this book}. This time has provided the defining struggle of my life so far, and I am so grateful for it.

The Art of Striving blog

Why The Art of Striving? The art of striving encompasses all the dreams and realities that we are all trying to mesh together. It embraces the sheer bravery it takes for anyone to move forward with purpose in spite of daily obstacles. We are all strivers, who embrace both false starts and little successes, fear and faith, as we continue on our perfect journey.

My philosophy for The Art of Striving.

What will you find on the blog? Beautiful, enlightening posts that will get your mental gears turning and your creative hearts beating {like this post about libraries and cultural remixes}. Plenty of creators and thinkers share this kind of content, and I want to introduce you to the best of what they have to offer, too. I plan to embrace my own imperfect creative process, and just make, write, and illustrate!

I am so glad you are here to join with me. Please comment and introduce yourself. I would love to hear about your journeys, too. And whatever you do, keep on keepin’ on.

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