Fab Friday Recap: Powerful girls, dancing toddlers, and faithful women


I consume a lot of online content throughout the week–articles, videos, tweets, adorable animal pictures. To share some of the inspiring, praiseworthy, helpful, smile worthy, thought-provoking things I read or saw this week, here’s a Fab Friday Recap.


Do you struggle with finding your personal calling or mission in life? I know I struggle mightily with this question each day. This theologian’s journey really helped me understand how I need to live by the smaller lights that guide my feet one step at a time. How do you live in the questions and take one step after another?


Reading even one article* about the toxic environment of sex and social media youth are growing up in, I was impressed with how much girls especially need to know their own power. We need to teach them their voices matter and then listen to what they say.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.23.28 PM.pngI am inspired by RubyGirl.org, a new site for LDS Young Women to discuss their faith online. “God Loves Teenagers” is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read. It’s about how God calls on teenagers (including girls: Joan of Arc!) whenever He has something important to do.

*Be advised. This article contains explicit descriptions and made me uncomfortable. I feel parents, leaders, and mentors need to be informed about what kids experience to help them better, to offer deep understanding and counsel, not simply cosmetic suggestions.


A BYU nursing professor, Julie Valentine, has suggested how to improve Utah’s rape kit processing: “She recommended passing a state law to mandate standardized submission of sexual assault kits to state crime labs. . . . She also suggested better educating of law enforcement, prosecution and all aspects of the criminal system on factors specific to sexual assault investigations.”

It is a cruel reality that women’s testimonies of their own experience of sexual violence are questioned instead of believed. The Start by Believing campaign aims to create cultural change around how survivors are heard.


James Corden and Jenna Dewan Tatum try to follow toddler choreographers. The result it just plain cute.

Thought provoking 

Did you watch General Conference two weeks ago? This post from Our Cooperative Ministry considers all of the Nephite women present at King Benjamin’s “general conference” address and imagines how they would have applied what they heard.

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