Fab Friday Recap: All about That Brain (and Batman)


Hello, friends! Welcome to another Fab Friday Recap, where I get to share some of the fascinating and worthwhile things I have read and seen online lately. Today’s articles and thought-provoking tidbits are all about the brain.


Are you running your brain ragged with overstimulation? Quite possibly. Our digital culture is not really created around principles of health, neurological or otherwise. As a recovering concussion patient, even though I think constantly about how taxed my brain is, I do not do a very good job of resting in restorative ways.

This Deseret News article offers plenty of food for thought. Our brains are actually similar to muscles, and if we don’t give them a rest from their usual activities they become overtired. Brains theoretically restore themselves through “soft fascination,” engaging in “something that grabs you in a pleasing way but does not require anything of the mind, allowing it to wander and regenerate,” or like gazing out a window.

So give yourself a chance to daydream away from a screen today!


If you are not following The Radiant Project on YouTube, head over and subscribe asap! This 14-episode documentary series features people who are lights to others. The Radiant Project’s mission is “to illustrate the power someone has who gives their whole self to those around them, creating powerful, loving leaders who do the same.”

The first video I watched was about a doula, once homeless and addicted to drugs, who climbed out of her terrible situation and found a way to empower women to be their best selves. It’s powerful, raw, and might just challenge you to be a little braver. Watch it. This week’s video is about a high school teacher with cerebral palsy. Amazingly touching.


This awesome mama took parenting responsibility to a new level. She reflected on her daughter’s peeved response to a classmate and wondered if her daughter was actually a bully. Instead of teaching that as long as a response isn’t outright mean it’s okay, this mom helped her daughter dig deeper and find a way to get to know someone who on the surface seemed annoying. She followed up and made sure her daughter was getting to know her classmate, and she followed up with the other girl’s mom. Voila, the girls became friends.

This approach tackles an often-unaddressed core of bullying–ignoring–which is just as dehumanizing as verbal and physical abuse. Go mama!


Guys. Did you see this video? This Scottish two-year-old is super quick on his feet when his mom sees that he has scribbled on her mirror. Clearly, Batman did it.

Thought provoking

Scientists are turning up evidence that each of our brains has its own signature, that we’re all unique. How does this information encourage us to reframe our response to people who are “different”? If we fully appreciate our own uniqueness first, does that increase our compassion for those whose differences (particularly neurological ones) are more pronounced? Does it slow the rush to judgment about good or bad characteristics, or right or wrong ways of being, and invite us to pause and ask, what is there to learn here, right now, from this person?

What are we doing to increase the opportunities of people around us, including those whose mental gifts and obstacles make being in the world of play, work, or socializing a challenge? What unique gifts of heart and mind do we bring to this task?


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