Don’t let the great be the enemy of the good

1 Photo: Jill Thomas                                  ©Elizabeth Pinborough

I have massive creativity anxiety. I love to create, but it also scares me, especially when it’s something really close to my heart. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to stop letting that be an excuse for not creating. Don’t let the great be an enemy of the good, so I’ve been told.

I love photography and have been wanting to learn more. So I signed up for Jill Thomas‘s last workshop and went today. We met at Süus Cookie in Midway, Utah, where we had some instruction and shot product, family, and maternity photos. We learned about post-production, all the while snacking on Süus’ decadent treats. My favorite part of the whole experience was driving up to Midway and back with my friend Micaela, a gifted photographer and wise woman, who has patiently taught me photography basics.

It’s easy to look at accomplished professionals and feel hopeless about ever measuring up to their level of excellence. It’s likewise easy to overlook the decades of experience that led them to their current state of awesomeness. I am committing to myself to keep creating, to keep sharing (even the stuff that is not the most polished, not the best work I hope to ever create), to not stifling my creative spirit just because I haven’t gotten good enough yet.

If you’re feeling less than chuffed with your creativity, I would encourage you to shake the feeling off and dust off your creative tools, whatever they may be. That’s why I’m starting the 1 Photo series. It’s an opportunity for me to look back on how I’ve grown over the past week and to practice creating/curating intentionally without feeling the need to share too many pictures on social media.

Last week, after listening to the great album I’m going to recommend below, I grasped in my spirit that the world needs infinitely more goodness just like it. The world needs your voice (and mine) speaking peace and beauty and truth and love. Desperately. The world needs you.

What do I want to share that I think will be of value to you, especially if you are a woman like me who is seeking a better way forward than one filled with anxiety and I’m-not-good-enough? Well, check out these three bits of gold and see if they don’t make you feel a little more hopeful to make your contribution to the world, whatever it is.

1. the things we love, a post about self-love and overcoming perfectionism by one of my very favorite writers, my friend Krisanne Hastings Knudsen

2. Come unto Him, a gorgeous album of hymn texts reimagined with contemporary melodies by my friend Eliza Smith. You’re going to love it.

3. The photo above that I edited for the first time today using Adobe Lightroom. It’s not my favorite edit in the world, but I have never in my life used Lightroom before and I rather like the composition.

I’m going to practice watering my creations and my daily heart with love from now on. How about you?



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