One tool to help manage your emotions (this helps me in brain injury recovery)


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My emotions have always been close to the surface. Read a book I love? Tears! Watch a movie filled with pathos? Tears! I read Black Beauty in fifth grade and cried at how bittersweet the ending was. Beauty was safe in her pasture, but she had been through so much. Let the waterworks flow.

I value emotional sensitivity in myself and others. It’s part of what makes me, me. And it’s something that fuels my poetry and creativity. I love to create and find new ways to express my feelings.

When I had a brain injury, though, emotional sensitivity became a liability.

In the months after the injury, my emotions were completely unmanageable. I couldn’t keep them from overflowing. I cried a lot and became irritated really easily. If I thought too much or did too much during the day, I couldn’t stop tears from coming. I was on a constant emotional roller coaster that I didn’t sign up to ride.

My brain injury damaged my brain’s natural emotional brakes. I needed to relearn how to manage my emotions. (This fantastic article from describes some of the emotional effects of brain injury.)

I learned that emotions can cause physical pain.

What could I do to help get these emotions under control? Along with going to therapy regularly, I was fortunate to find some alternative healing methods. About six months into my healing process, I learned about The Emotion Code, written by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor.

The Emotion Code teaches people how to create emotional balance and harmony in the body. Emotions can get stuck in the body and can cause pain and other physical dysfunction. Through the techniques taught in the book, anyone can remove emotional blocks, with the power of intention and their hand. 

When I discovered The Emotion Code, I found natural relief for pain.

Luckily for me, someone in my neighborhood is an Emotion Code practitioner. I worked with her weekly to reduce the emotional load my brain and body were experiencing. She helped me with some rough pain. I remember one particular time my migraine became excruciatingly painful and unmanageable. She was able to release some emotions that caused my head pain to go down immediately. What a blessing.

It was incredible to see how emotions affected how my physical body felt. When emotional energy ran amok because of the damage done to my brain or another stressor, I gained control back by naming and releasing emotions. This was a lot of work, but has helped save the day many times when my emotions or pain got out of control.

The Emotion Code was not able to fix my injury or provide a miraculous cure. However, it has been an essential tool in my tool kit to help me manage my pain and my emotions.

I still have ups and downs and experience powerful swells of emotion. Now, though, I can do something about it! I don’t have to suffer with a feeling of malaise or depression without asking, “Okay, what might be contributing to this feeling?” And I have a way to use my intuition and muscle testing to name it, thanks to what I have learned from this book.


I’ll post more about The Emotion Code soon and show you how it works. It’s easy and is a tool anyone would benefit from!

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