Be a brain advocate today!

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I believe that everyone can be a brain advocate.

Be a brain advocate todayWhat’s a brain advocate? It’s someone who knows about the brain and helps support people with brain injuries, neurological challenges, and mental health issues.
Every brain is different, and that’s a good thing! The brain makes us who we are, in ways we don’t fully understand as a society yet. Everyone deserves understanding and compassion when they have challenges, and this is especially crucial when those challenges are found in the brain and nervous system.
The Art of Striving began as my personal brain injury recovery blog. I wanted to have a positive place to create and practice regaining skills I had lost in my February 2015 concussion. I also wanted to make something uplifting and educational. As time passed, I hoped that people would learn from my experience what it’s like to have a brain injury. I hoped that this education would help them look out for other people with similar challenges and be there to render assistance. We’ll all know at least one person with a brain injury in our life, and it’s likely that we’ll know several, if not have one ourselves.
As The Art of Striving moves forward, I am working on including more information about how everyone can be not just brain injury advocates but brain advocates, too. We all know someone (or possibly are someone) with anxiety or depression, autism or multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder or brain injury. We all know children, youth, and adults who are developing at individual rates that may make being their friend a challenge.
When you have a brain challenge, you don’t stop being human or somehow become a different kind of human. You can still live to the fullest and have a great experience in life, with the right resources and the right support. We’re all deeply human, and it takes a little more work, consideration, and support to be a brain advocate for people whose brains are sick, injured, or simply wired in unique ways that might be hard to understand (also known as being human).
If we all work together to try to understand how others’ brains work, and learn to see them not as defective but as human, we’ll be a lot better off. We’ll be more compassionate and be able to step out with strong courage to assist others. We’ll stop seeing obstacles to connection and start actively seeking for ways to directly connect with people who have brain challenges. We’ll see opportunities for growth in ourselves and others, wherever they are. We’ll stop passing judgment and start passing love around.
This is what I believe. Join me and become a brain advocate today.

Look out for more posts about how you can be a good brain advocate, Invite others who you think are good brain advocates to follow this blog and my Instagram account. Let’s build a healthier society through compassion, understanding, and education about the brain!

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#NationalConcussionAwarenessDay • 542 days • Recovering from a concussion almost 19 months ago has been more painful, more challenging, and more life changing than anything I have experienced so far. Today I'm raising awareness for this invisible injury that sometimes turns into a baffling, frustrating, prolonged health crisis. 🏳If you ride your bike, play a contact/extreme/water sport, or are basically a human biped, protect your head. 🏳If you hit your head, are in a car accident, etc. seek medical advice, especially if you notice something's off. 🏳If you're playing a sport, quit until you can verify that you have zero symptoms (altered consciousness, bleeding, memory problems, visual impairment, balancing issues, cognitive slowing) and to avoid reconcussion. 🏳If you're recovering, don't give up. Believe in the powers of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to rewire and heal. All I can do is be where I am, which is sometimes an incredibly hard-fought place to be. I am on the recovery road and doing better each week. I'm riding the waves. I can do this.

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