Do you believe in miracles?

I do.

I keep thinking about them.

I have had so many and hope to have many more.

They’re not as rare as popular culture teaches us to believe.

Miracles are the law in an ordered universe that gently, bravely, strongly makes way for the impossible to happen amid apparent rigidity or chaos.

Keep believing.

Even if the miracle doesn’t come, or the long-awaited miracle ends in disaster, miracles still move in, through, and around all things, animating them and making way for life, hope, resilience, to continue beyond our sight and understanding.

Miracles are the everlasting law.

Miracles are like Annie Dillard’s fire, sparking everywhere.

Miracles are mighty and plentiful, God’s inexhaustible currency.

Miracles are real. They surround us, enfold us, lift us.

Miracles are yours and mine.

They’re everywhere. Are you looking?






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