God has truly technicolor dreams for me

And I’m waiting to see what they will be!

Having a brain injury feels a bit like Joseph being sold into captivity in Egypt.

The wait is long, the challenges tall. I came from a different place and through some stroke of accident or fate or divine intervention, I was set down in brain injury land! Where sometimes down is up and the terrain is desert-like, and I become fatigued with thirst for my old life and pain that rises and falls like great waves.

Life was good before, not without its challenges, to be sure. But I was placed. I knew who I was and had hopes for where I was going. I didn’t *know* know where I was going, and I certainly had my share of doubts, but I had hopes.

The truth is, I needed to be in a better place, set on my own best heavenly path, and my injury was one way that God helped get me there. Through God’s inspiration I’ve found  resources to heal from my injury and also some very old wounds that would have plagued me the rest of my life.

I’m in one of those recovery times, though, that feels regressive. I’ve hit another wall and I’m struggling to overcome it. It feels like I’m going backwards, like the wait will never be over, like I’ll never be freed.

But then my dad and I stopped by the Cents of Style color wall today on one of our road trips around the state, and I realized that even in the gloom there’s still a bright pink wall ready to pop out and brighten our day. And I trust that whatever my dreams for my life may have been, God has even brighter, bolder, more redemptive ones than I could have ever imagined, just like he did for Joseph.

I’m still waiting.

EP and the amazing technicolor wall! 💓 God gave Joseph a beautiful gift—a glorious coat, tangible proof of how much his father, Jacob, loved him—and the spiritual gift of dreams. That love was true, the dream gift caused contention. 💓With one horrendous collective sibling decision, Joseph was sold into slavery while his brothers lorded over his pretended death at the teeth of a wild beast. What a traumatic transition into adulthood, to be raised among strangers as someone else’s property. 💓But we know God favored Joseph and had a plan that would turn the story on its head. In one delicious stroke of the Ironist’s divine pen Joseph redeemed an entire nation, saved nations beside, and was reunited with his family of origin. 💓Still, while God worked His plan, Joseph worked, waited, had faith, and endured further trials. Assault, betrayal, imprisonment, waiting. All the while, God was waiting, too, for just the right time. 💓 Whatever your story, wherever you are in the unfolding of God’s plan, I believe in the deus ex machina, the theological device of grace, the miraculous turn of events that turns all waiting, all captivity, all illness, into redemption. 💓And so, I wait. And I wait with you in your waiting, and have faith that this is true.



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