Dove Song Poetry Readings, May 10 and 11 in Provo & SLC


I had the opportunity to read my poem “the God particle” from the anthology Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry twice last week!

Writ & Vision

The first time was at the rare book and fine art gallery Writ & Vision in Provo, Utah, pictured below. I was pretty nervous; it’s been a while since I’ve attempted anything literary. I wrote “the God particle” in 2013 and was so pleased it was chosen for the anthology. Looking forward to it coming out gave me some hope that I could still be involved in literary pursuits.

Not being able to write poetry while recovering from my brain injury is one of the greatest losses of my life and catalyzed a huge identity crisis. I love to live in the land of words and their meanings, but those abilities were wounded when my head hit that wall in 2015. Who am I if I don’t have access to those meaning-making pathways that I carefully crafted over decades of individual study, schooling, and advanced education? Who am I if I can’t understand metaphor, or read books at the same level to which I’m accustomed? Life felt devastatingly bleak without my passion. But, those pathways continue to return. The less energy I need to devote to survival, the more I will be able to dedicate to creation.


Here’s a video of me reading the poem, in case you missed it!

The Ladies’ Literary Club Clubhouse

I wasn’t familiar with this beloved Salt Lake City venue, but they are my people!


It was such a thrill to read with 19 other authors of the 80 authors featured in the collection. In the whole history of Mormon literature, my poem was selected! It’s truly an honor and a privilege.


You can order Dove Song on Amazon and support the incredible editors who spent 6 years putting this masterful collection together.


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