About Me

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.07.15 PMWelcome to The Art of Striving! I’m Elizabeth Pinborough, and I am a writer, photographer, and artist. This blog and I have been through a few transformations, and this time of life is no different.

In February 2015 I sustained a blow to the head that resulted in a brain injury. I have been recovering from this “mild” traumatic brain injury ever since. It has thrown everything about my life off. It made everyday tasks super effortful, and I have had to relearn how to function in some very basic ways. In the healing and rebuilding process I have been working to overcome many old bad habits of mind and have been healing from some very deep wounds.

I am an enthusiast. If I know you I’m going to believe in your most cherished projects, in who you really are down deep, and I’m going to encourage you to be that person. I’m working on doing that for myself because truthfully my own creativity terrifies me! At the same time, it is one of my favorite things about myself. The ability to create and appreciate beauty is also one of my favorite things about life.

The Art of Striving blog is a platform for me to overcome that fear of creating and to invite you to do the same. Follow along as I share what I’m learning that I hope will benefit you on your healing journey, too.

Sending you love and peace,