Brain Injury Resources

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In February 2015, I suffered a blow to the head that continues to affect me today. I experienced what doctors called a “mild concussion,” a term inadequate to describe the symptoms of an injured brain. I became a full-time patient and caretaker of myself.

As with many complex medical conditions, brain injury turns people into researchers if they want to survive. Even if they get good information from doctors (when it comes to head injury this is rarer than you might think), they still have to narrow down what they are going to do and which treatments to pursue.

Since the brain is the control center for the entire body, a concussive or other injury to the brain damages multiple systems of function. It’s impossible to put everything together at once, and the road can be long, even with appropriate interventions.

What we do know now that we didn’t used to, is that brains change. An injury does not necessarily have to be permanent if you can get the right nutrition, movement, therapies, and support.

After nearly 4 years of recovery, I continue to reach out and help survivors in more and more effective ways. I want people to have the best information possible to speed their healing progress and get back to their regular life as soon as possible.

This website is my attempt to serve you if you are going through recovery. Everyone going through recovery from brain injury needs a community of people who understand.