Culture + The Remix (Library Edition)

Libraries mixing it up

The Internet increasingly lends itself to wild combinations, in the best ways. Internet artists, bloggers, curators, and designers cleverly remix ideas, images, sound bites and videos available to everyone on the web to create information-rich products that refine our ways of seeing the world.

Recently the New York Public Library released over 180,000 of its archival images into the public domain, with an invitation to create. This project challenges the idea of Internet dwellers as passive consumers. These collections are meant to be the stuff of future projects, from the artistic to the technical to the cutesy, and the library wants patrons across the web to join in this creative venture.

Visit #nyplremix: Get Creative with the Public Domain to discover their project ideas.

c u l t u r e + c r a f t

Before learning about the NYPL release, I was image diving on Flickr. Using the Font Candy app on my iPad, I added some flare to photos from the State Library of New South Wales. I love adding a modern twist to the classics. Be sure to click through to the original image to check out any possible restrictions on use, even if it is listed as having “no known copyright restrictions.” The library designates some images for research purposes only and they can’t be used without prior permission.

In the Labs

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A banner day: Crafting with the British Library

c u l t u r e + c r a f t

Recently I discovered the glories of the British Library’s Flickr account, which contains 1 million images in the public domain (!). This means there are no known copyright restrictions on these images and you can use them however you choose. I love paper arts and have taken to crafting with a vengeance.

1. Old type with a twist

I used the Illustrated Letters & Typography album to create name banners for friends. Print the letters on cardstock to add a little extra weight and texture to your creation. I cut the letters out, punched holes in the top, and strung them together with twine. Add a little vintage flare to a party or celebration. I can imagine all sorts of color and paper/fabric combinations.

2. A universe on your wall

The Space and Science Fiction collection offers an array of astronomical book illustrations, some of which I linked together for another banner.

3. You can easily be your own stationer

Finally, to create some original seasonal gift tags, I just browsed Christmas images (Christmas and Winter Scenes and found these beauties. After trimming them down to size, they looked adorable on gifts for the neighbors!

Craft away, friends, and be sure to share your creations with someone you love!

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