Emotion Code Practitioner

Emotion Code sessionIf you’re on a hero’s journey of healing, you need tools. Everyone has their own tool kit, and one of my favorite tools that I added to my kit as I’ve healed from my brain injury is The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code is a form of emotional release that decreases stress and pain. This video offers a quick 3-minute explanation of what The Emotion Code system is and does.

In my brain injury recovery, I’ve seen my head pain go down significantly, my mood improve, and my energy renew when I have released emotional baggage holding me back.

I have used this technique so much in the past 3 years that I certified to be an Emotion Code Practitioner. Appointments with me are 30 minutes and cost $45. If you have a pain or stressful issue, we can work on it and jumpstart the healing process for you.

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