Still, it glows

  I love wood—midcentury modern furniture, sparklingly maintained wood floors, guitars, art (please join me as I swoon over Ariel Alasko's work). Wood is warm. Wood is artefactual. Wood is the memory of a tree’s self-sacrifice. A gorgeous piece of wood came into my life this week. While shopping for Mother’s Day at Salt and … Continue reading Still, it glows


On Grief

Grief. You are a natural sister to pain and wisdom's well. You speak the truth that for wounds to surrender their power they must be felt. And fully. You are here while I now mourn my concussion: fullness of life lost and not yet fully regained; profound isolation; devastating loss of self; prolonged physical, emotional, … Continue reading On Grief

Fab Friday Recap: All about That Brain (and Batman)

Hello, friends! Welcome to another Fab Friday Recap, where I get to share some of the fascinating and worthwhile things I have read and seen online lately. Today's articles and thought-provoking tidbits are all about the brain. Helpful Are you running your brain ragged with overstimulation? Quite possibly. Our digital culture is not really created … Continue reading Fab Friday Recap: All about That Brain (and Batman)