God of leaving and return

God of leaving and return, God of sight and sense, God of passage and occlusions, God of bright and bent Hear us pray. Hear us when our hearts beat prayers for those we love. Hear our cursing at the firmament. Hear our twisted tongues mumble bruised rhymes. Hear us riddle and reason and cry. And … Continue reading God of leaving and return


Fab Friday Recap: All about That Brain (and Batman)

Hello, friends! Welcome to another Fab Friday Recap, where I get to share some of the fascinating and worthwhile things I have read and seen online lately. Today's articles and thought-provoking tidbits are all about the brain. Helpful Are you running your brain ragged with overstimulation? Quite possibly. Our digital culture is not really created … Continue reading Fab Friday Recap: All about That Brain (and Batman)